Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Do you have an item of clothing or accessory that you just love? how about a scent that gives you that confidence buzz ? something that makes you feel a million $$ ? something you define your style with, a style signature if you will...

For me , its my beads, jewellery in general, I like the kooky type, the classic style & the edgy. I feel I must wear at least one piece of jewellery every day (other than my wedding ring and engagement ring). I tend to layer my jewellery most of the time, however, lately I have been playing with minimal one piece styling. A while ago I bought a string of beads on one of my many trips to the op shop (where I usually find the best of my treasures), in multi-colours, they just caught my eye, they go with everything and they really set my outfits off, they cost me $5 , what a bargain! see signature style need not cost a fortune!

I also tend to indulge in a rather large amount of ebay shopping (shhhhhhhh) much to my husbands demise , however, I find some real bargains on there too , for example my "Leona Edmiston" LBD I bought recently $30), it has a very interesting v-neck line and sheer fabric with an embossed polka dot pattern inlayed. Its a very simple dress, but it is top quality & always looks great. Lets face it, its an LBD , its so versatile you can make it look completely different every time you wear it. A couple of weeks ago I wore it with my new black ankle boots ($30 Cotton On) with double side buckles to a dear friends party and it was a huge success! On this occasion I slicked on some fuschia lipstick (Rimmel) and my faux pearl studs from equip, with minimal makeup (the dress of course is the standout).

You may find it a little unusual that I am disclosing where I bought these items from and how much they cost , but that is exactly my point ... I did not spend a fortune but the look was a hit! you can do it too with a little know how!

The first thing you need to do is go back through photos, select the ones that you like the most and feel really portray you at your best. Look for a pattern in what you are wearing in these photos (the best of the best), what makes you feel gorgeous?, sexy? beautiful? a Million $$ ? this is the basis of your style signature...

SO, how did you go? could you define a certain category that your style tends to lean toward? or does it definitely slot into one particular category? If you are not able to find any photos at all of yourself that you are fond of (I find that very hard to believe) but even so, is there someone who's style you cannot fault? or a few people? can you see a pattern in their dressing ? ie , do they usually wear a certain colour scheme? print? do they always wear a particular piece of jewellery that you adore but could never ever dream of being able to afford (unfortunately if we are speaking of celebrities , this is usually the majority), well you can too use this particular style to define your very own personalised style signature.

As an example, my sister Michelle, particularly admires the style of Charlize Theron, classic, understated, elegant!

1. stick with the basics , a blazer for example is a staple, Charlize goes for neutrals , however, if you prefer the darker end of the spectrum, you can always add a darker lapel or cuffs to create your own personalised look.
2. This look is paired back, look for discounts on classic accessories like a good handbag/ tote, scarves, sunglasses, shoes. Remember ( accessories can make an outfit become a smash hit).
3. know your flattering tones, create posture by straightening your back and propping your head up as if you are pulled up by a string. RELAX! Charlize's style is laid back as well as classy , crisp white, denim, sneakers, her street style can be your style.

I have also sort a few other style icons I feel really define their own style signature.

1. Angelina Jolie - vixen on the red carpet, lady like elegance on the street.

2. Michelle Williams - vintage inspired feminine , she rocks a sweet pixie with pretty flirty dresses that have a old world asthetic.

3. Krysten Ritter - Leaning toward the more kooky & kwirky retro vibe , Krysten has the geek chic, reality bites scene wrapped up, and she keeps it sexy and vibrant on the red carpet. I personally LOVE LOVE LOVE her style !!!!

4. Kate Bosworth - Edgy and iconic , she is the trendsetter of them all, she wears an outfit in a completely different way to everyone else.

I know I know, your probably still saying "but they have the money to dress that way... ", I have said it before and I will say it again and again.... shop the op shops, ebay , online, markets, local shopping malls. On my trip to the local shopping mall this morning (giving me inspiration for this peice) I was struck by the unabashed mockery of style in my local area. I do understand that times are tough, but please, that is really no excuse for having no pride in the way you dress. I found myself feeling rather uncomfortable with the strange looks and stares I was being pierced with. YOU DO NOT NEED TO SPEND A FORTUNE TO LOOK PROUD AND POLISHED!!! you do however need to spend a bit of time learning about your body shape, colour tones and what inspires you, then you have the makings for a beautiful style signature of your very own!!!!!

I hope that my examples have been inspirational and you find yourself compelled to own your style signature.


Your style signature is your statement to the world!

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