Sunday, 16 June 2013

Tattoo Tabu - Skin Art or Text-Style?

Have you ever admired a certain tatoo design on a friend or just a random person with great skin art? well, im sure you're not the only one , so many times I have been admiring someones tattoo thinking....."hmmmmm" not so sure about the design on skin or the position where it has been etched , however, that design would look HOT on a jacket or Tee"! Not that I dont absolutely LOVE tattoos, I have a few myself , its just that sometimes I think that the design would look better on textiles! Such as this fabulous skull tattoo, It is amazing , however, I wasnt impressed with the position on the front thigh as originally spotted, I think it would look tops however on the back of a bomber jacket or the front of a torn finished muscle tee for the ladies , what do you think ?

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